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10 Best Places to Visit in Istanbul 2020

As of 2020, we have listed the places to visit in Istanbul. Summer or winter to-do list in Istanbul. Details can be found in our article.

Istanbul was the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire for many years. Istanbul has been the favorite of countless civilizations throughout history. It is one of the most important cities for Islam and Christianity. As we entered 2020, we prepared our list of places to visit in Istanbul. This list includes historical places of interest, museums, aqua parks and many other entertainment venues with children that you have never heard of before. The first time you come to Istanbul, it is useful to know what is where.

Istanbul, which has 39 districts in total, is divided into two parts as European side and Anatolian side. It is possible to come across the historical scented buildings of Istanbul on both sides.

In Istanbul you can enjoy historical buildings and natural beauties during the day and the Bosphorus view in the evening. You can visit Istanbul with your lover, spouse, children, friends or family in summer and winter. In our list of places to visit in Istanbul, you can find in detail the most popular places to see in Istanbul.

List of Places to Visit in Istanbul

1. Eminönü

Eminönü - Turkey Trip
Eminönü – Turkey Trip

Eminönü is located in the western part of the Golden Horn. He joined Fatih district on 07 March 2008 and became a part of Fatih. One of the first places that comes to mind when millions of tourists prefer shopping or souvenirs as their first shopping and even accommodation.

  • Address: Eminönü, Rüstem Paşa, Fatih / İstanbul
  • Entrance Fee: There is no entrance fee.
  • For location information: Click here

2. Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge - Turkey Trip
Galata Bridge – Turkey Trip

The Galata Bridge, built on the Golden Horn and connecting Eminönü and Karaköy, dates back to ancient times. Old name: New bridge. New name: Galata Bridge. It was built in 1845 by Valide Sultan, the mother of 1. Abdulmecit. Restoration work in the 19th century is heavily damaged by an unknown fire. After the fire, it is completely renovated and opened to service in June 1992 instead of the historical bridge.

Nowadays it has become a cut out for those who want to fish or eat. At the bottom of the bridge, you can dine in more than 30 fish restaurants with a view of the city.

  • Address: Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa, Beyoğlu / İstanbul
  • Entrance Fee: There is no entrance fee.
  • Click here for location information.

3. Galata Tower

Galata Tower - Turkey Trip
Galata Tower – Turkey Trip

Galata tower has become the symbol of Istanbul. It was originally built by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius Oilosuz. Construction of the wooden structure was completed in 528. Galata Tower, which is 70 meters high, is used as a breakfast place today and as a terrace for the view of the city.

  • Address: Bereketzade Mahallesi, Beyoğlu / İstanbul
  • Entrance Fee: 15 TL
  • Click here for location information.

4. Maiden’s Tower

Maiden's Tower
Maiden’s Tower

The Maiden’s Tower, which has become another symbol of Istanbul, is said to have a history dating back 2500 years. This structure, which has various legends, is claimed to have been built by the Greeks in the 5th century. Maiden’s tower so far; It is used for a variety of options, such as collecting taxes from radio stations, lighthouses and merchant ships. Now offering a 360-degree view of the Bosphorus to its guests, the Maiden’s Tower is now available as a museum and a stylish restaurant, and the meeting is provided by small boats on the coast.

In addition, services such as tea, bagels, seeds and hookahs are provided by reaching out to the cushions laid down on the coastal part of the tower.

  • Address: Salacak Mahallesi, Üsküdar / İstanbul
  • Entrance Fee: 20 TL
  • Click here for location information.

5. Bosphorus Bridge

Bosphorus Bridge
Bosphorus Bridge

Istanbul Bosphorus Bridges: It is also known as inc the pearl of the Bosphorus ile with its elegant architecture that provides highway transportation between Asia and Europe continents.

Although it is not a trip to the Bosphorus bridges, it is a must see. In the rest of the article, I will touch upon many points that see the strait.

6. Rumeli Fortress

Rumeli Fortress
Rumeli Fortress

The Rumeli Fortress was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet just across the Anatolian Fortress just before the conquest of Istanbul in about 4 months.

Rumeli Fortress, which was built to prevent the attacks from the north of the Bosphorus, has an area of 60.000 m2 and it is known that there are 300 craftsmen and nearly 800 workers in the construction.

  • Address: Rumeli Hisarı, Yahya Kemal Cad., Sariyer / Istanbul
  • Entrance Fee: 10 TL
  • Click here for location information.

7. Pierre Loti Hill

Pierre Loti
Pierre Loti Hill

Pierre LotiPierre Loti Hill takes its name from the French poet Pierre Loti who lived in our country between 1850 and 1923. Pierre Loti lived here in the past, embraced and loved it very much. It is known to be a coffeehouse. When he died, his lovers named him here.

Nowadays, it provides food and beverage services to people. You can take your pancakes against the view of the estuary and drink your tea.

  • Address: Idris Kosku Cad., Eyup / Istanbul
  • Entrance Fee: There is no entrance fee.
  • Click here for location information.

8. Emirgan Grove

Emirgan Grove
Emirgan Grove

Emirgan Grove has a land of 472.000 m2. There are more than 120 species of plants and trees. You can attend tulip festivals in April. You can have breakfast in one of the 3 kiosks on site.

  • Address: Resitpasa, Emirgan Sok., Sariyer / Istanbul
  • Visiting Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
  • Parking Fee: 10 TL
  • Click here for location information.

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9. Belgrad Forest

Belgrad Forest
Belgrad Forest

Belgrad Forest, which is the largest forest in Istanbul, takes its name from the village of Belgrade. The Belgrade Forest, which has been supervised by the Istanbul Forestry Directorate since 1956, has 10 recreation areas in Istanbul where you can spend a pleasant and peaceful day alone with nature, with seating areas, hiking trails, sports fields, cafes and restaurants and children’s playgrounds.

  • Entrance Fee: Pedestrian free, Cars 10 TL
  • Address: Bahçeköy, Sarıyer / İstanbul
  • Click here for location information.

10. Princes’ Islands – (Buyukada / Heybeliada)

Princes Islands
Princes Islands

The islands consist of a total of 9 islands. All of these islands are called the Princes’ Islands and the largest island covering an area of approximately 5.5 km2 is Büyükada.

People who want to get rid of the noise and crowds of the city find themselves in the Islands on weekends. It is often the lovers’ getaway home and is one of the most visited places in Istanbul.

Click here for location information.

As you can see there are many places to visit in Istanbul. We have listed the most popular of these for you. Istanbul is indeed the capital of beauty. If one day you go to Istanbul, you can give us your suggestions as a comment below.

Stay with love <3

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