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All Ski Resorts in Turkey 2020

Where are the ski resorts in Turkey, when to go, how to get there? We answer this questions.

Skiing is a sport that allows people to glide without sinking in the snow. The regions where skiing first emerged and used; Siberia, Mongolia and the Altai. Turkey Ski Federation not as ski federation in 1935 “Mountaineering and Equestrianism Federation” has been established. This worked together from 1935 to 1938. Since the Winter Olympics will be held only in 1936, the Federation’s name has been changed to “Mountaineering and Winter Sports iki two months before the Olympics and participation in the Winter Olympics.

For New Beginners

Clothing: Persons who are going to climb from high hills should wear cold and waterproof clothing considering the weather conditions.

  • Glasses
  • Glove
  • Ski Socks
  • Headgear / Helmet
  • Sun Cream / Lip Moisturizer
  • Pipe Weft
  • Knee and Wrist Protectors

For the first time, skiers are required to do research by taking one’s run while taking ski clothes and accessories and to get help from professional people before skiing.

Most Visited Ski Centers in Turkey

Uludag Ski Resort – Bursa

Uludağ Ski Center: Ski resort is the first place that comes to mind when we say. The length of the Ergun ski slope is 800 meters. The belted ski slope is 2750 m long.

The longest runway is 2 km. There are 25 hotels. It has more than 30 runways with a capacity of 850 people per hour. It is also a great attraction for many events and entertainment oriented concerts. Especially in the middle of winter, many events and winter parties are organized.

Palandoken Ski Resort – Erzurum

Palandöken Ski Resort: Snow quality, quality facilities owned and Palandöken ski lovers of all levels with exquisite appeal to track ski resort, one of the favorite winter tourism centers of Turkey.

The Palandöken Mountains, which extend 70 km long, have been declared a winter tourism center since 1993. With the World Universities Winter Games held in 2011, it has proved its quality on a world scale.

Erciyes Ski Resort – Kayseri

Erciyes Ski Center: It is a ski center established on Mount Erciyes with a height of 3917 m. The climate of the region has the characteristics of continental climate. Here, the snow thickness is between 50-100 cm.

There are picnic areas with a capacity of 2000 people that can be used free of charge in the region. It is a pleasant environment where you can travel with your family and have a nice time in summer and winter.

Sarikamis Ski Resort – Kars

Sarıkamış Ski Center: The ski center is located on a plateau between 2200 meters and 2900 meters. In total, it has the capacity to serve 15.000 skiers daily.

Within the complex, there are two mechanical chairlifts and five runways. It is observed that snow thickness increases up to 1.5 meters in winter season.

Zigana Ski Resort in Gumushane

Zigana Ski Center: The Zigana ski center of Gumushane is established between 2000 and 2500 meters and has wide slopes. Zigana, which can be said as a plateau with an altitude of 2032, can be shown as a place of choice for many holidaymakers and athletes with these options. Usually the snow itself here begins in November and lasts until April.

Kartepe Ski Resort – Izmit

Kartepe Ski Center: Kartepe Kartepe slopes are also rich in diversity. Kartepe is one of the rare places that can offer this diversity in the same region with its runways that can cater for all difficulty levels.

While many ski centers can provide exit cards to only 1 or 2 ski runs, Greenpark Kartepe is the only facility that serves at the summit of Kartepe ski resort, allowing you to benefit from all 4 separate lift exits with a single skipass.

Saklıkent Ski Resort – Antalya

Saklıkent Ski Center: It is a ski complex consisting of 500 chalets and ski facilities established on the northern slope of Bakırlıdağı located in the Beydağları part of the Taurus Mountains.

Especially in late February and March, Saklıkent ski resort, which stands out with the slogan ”Daytime Skiing, Sea in the Afternoon,, is the skiing center in our country with the warmest climate.

Kartalkaya Ski Resort – Bolu

Kartalkaya Ski Center: The ski area in Kartalkaya is suitable for skiing between 1850-2200 m. The climate of the region is semi-temperate.

Kartalkaya ski resort and its surroundings are full of pine forests. The dominant wind direction is west and northwest.

Ladik Akdag Ski Resort – Samsun

Ladik Akdağ Ski Center: The 1,500-meter-long chairlift in the ski center has made the region a more attractive place for winter tourism. Visitors from surrounding cities such as Amasya, Çorum and Tokat, especially Samsun, enjoy Akdağ during the winter period.

Elmadag Ski Resort – Ankara

Elmadağ Ski Center: The ski trail is 650 meters long and it is short and steep. Therefore, it is an ideal track especially for those who love action. Although there are no trees in the area, the runway is divided into easy and medium difficulty.

Ilgaz Ski Resort in Kastamonu

Ilgaz Ski Center: Ilgaz Ski Center, which is one of the most important ski centers of the Black Sea Region, is located in Ilgaz National Park which is established on an altitude of 2850 meters on Ilgaz Mountain between Kastamonu and Çankırı. The ski season starts in December and continues until April. Ilgaz Ski Center is one of the most important tourism spots of Kastamonu. Snow thickness varies between 50 cm and 2.5 meters.

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Other Ski Resorts in Turkey

  • Abali Ski Resort – Van
  • Alaçam Ski Resort – Bursa
  • Arkut Mountain Ski Resort – Bolu
  • Bolkar Ski Resort in Erzincan
  • Bozdag Ski Resort – Izmir
  • Mount Bubi Ski Resort – Agri
  • Cibiltepe Ski Resort – Kars
  • Çambasi Ski Resort – Ordu
  • Catak Ski Resort – Van
  • Ciftkaya Ski Resort – Bitlis
  • Denizli Ski Resort – Denizli
  • Dranaz Ski Resort in Sinop
  • Erecik Ski Resort – Gaziantep
  • Guzeldag Ski Resort – Mus
  • Guzeltepe Ski Resort – Mus
  • Mount Hasan Ski Resort – Aksaray
  • Haserek Ski Resort – Bingol
  • Kabaduz Ski Resort – Ordu
  • Kandilli Ski Resort in Erzurum
  • Konakli Ski Resort in Erzurum
  • Kop Mountain Ski Resort – Bayburt
  • Kupkiran Ski Resort – Agri
  • Kupkiran Ski Resort – Agri
  • Laleli Ski Resort in Erzurum
  • Merga Butan Ski Resort – Hakkari
  • Mersivan Ski Resort – Artvin
  • Mount Murat Ski Resort – Kutahya
  • Nemrut Snowdrop Ski Resort – Bitlis
  • Nikfer Ski Resort – Denizli
  • Rahva Ski Resort in Bitlis
  • Salda Ski Resort in Burdur
  • Sunflower Ski Resort – Ardahan
  • Yedikuyular Ski Resort – Kahramanmaras
  • Yildiz Mountain Ski Resort – Sivas
  • Intensive Ski Resort – Sivas
  • Yolcati Ski Resort – Bingol

Pretty as a result of a rigorous research serving in Turkey in 2020, we tried to sort Ski Centers in list form as above. In preparing this list, we took advantage of a complex map and cleared it. There may be missing points and we may need your information. If you need to add a ski resort you can let us know in the form of comments.

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