Dogu Express Information – Ticket Prices and Tours

We aimed to gather all the information about the Dogu Ekspresi and find answers to all your questions.

Especially after the Huawei commercial, the Dogu Express, which has attracted a lot of attention, can be said that the phenomenons and travelers have taken the first step towards becoming a weekend adventure. In preparing this content, we aimed to gather all the information about the Dogu Express and find answers to all the questions in your mind. How about a long journey that you will never forget in your life with extraordinary views?

Information About Dogu Express

Dogu Ekspress: It is the transportation train of TCCD which operates between Ankara and Kars and provides transportation to Kars by passing through Kırıkkale – Kayseri – Sivas – Erzincan – Erzurum cities. (Republic of Turkey State Railways)

Dogu Express Information
Dogu Express Information

According to our information, the Dogu Express does not start from Istanbul as before. Those who want to join the East Express from Istanbul should reach the Ankara railway station. You can use the Istanbul-Ankara high speed train for this. You do not have to start the adventure from Ankara, but you can also participate from the provinces on the direction.

Every day from Ankara at 17:55, leaving from Kars at 08:00, the train journey takes about 24 to 26 hours. It’s time to sort all the titles you need to know for your Dogu Express journey. Firstly;

Dogu Express Ticket Prices

Dogu Express Ticket fares vary by compartment. This is because there are three types of wagons. If you want to open a little more subject;

Dogu Express Ticket Prices
Dogu Express Ticket Prices

Pulman: Normal seat. Think of a 2 seat bus, but this is a bit wider.
Covered Bunks: 4-person room, seats turn into bunk beds.
Bed: You can see all your needs without leaving the room for 2 people: it has its own washbasin, table and fridge.

Wagon TypeOnline PriceBox Office Price
Pullman48 TL49 TL
Covered Bunks63,5 TL64,5 TL
Single Bed187 TL188 TL
Sleeping Two117 TL118 TL

This is the current price table for the Dogu Express 2020. Of course, there are also tariff reductions. Some of the tariff discounts are;

  • 50% discount for ages 65 and up.
  • 20% discount for groups of 12 people and more.
  • 20% discount for people aged 13-26.
  • 50% discount for children aged 7-12.
  • Free under 7 years. 20% discount for press card holders.

Most importantly, you get a 15% discount if you buy your round-trip ticket from the same destination and exit. (Ex: When you buy a return ticket from Ankara to Kars / Kars to Ankara)

You can view the list of Dogu Express tickets purchasing and current prices by clicking here.

How to Buy Dogu Express Ticket

Dogu Express tickets can be purchased on the TCDD website, at the train stations and via the TCDD mobile app.

You can guess that when there is so much interest in the Dogu Express, it is difficult to say that it is possible to find tickets online or at the gars. My suggestion is that you check the TCDD mobile app frequently by downloading.

So you can use the app to purchase tickets on the website to check whether tickets are opened or not. One uncertain question is when the tickets are available.

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Unfortunately, the TCDD does not provide precise information about this issue. Tickets that were previously offered for sale 15 days ago are now available for 30 days. This makes it difficult, so you need to find a place a month before you plan your journey. Let me explain by example; If you want to buy tickets for April 5, you should focus on the tickets that are on sale on March 4.

Dogu Express Tour Tips

  • Make sure you have cash with you, there is a Pos machine, but because of the network may not always work.
  • Not all rooms have more than one outlet. Keep the coupler socket in one corner of your bag.
  • The restaurant prices are just fine, but you can still prepare yourself snack food.
  • Bring whatever you need to meet your needs on your 24-hour journey, Toilet paper is one of them.
  • You can see the most beautiful views in the early morning.

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