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Islands to Visit in Istanbul

The weather is going to be most pleasant, the city is not going to be too crowded and the prices of hotel rooms are going to cheaper. There are 10 Prince Islands to visit.

Islands to go in Istanbul are worth seeing. The best time to visit the islands in Istanbul considered to be on March. The weather is going to be most pleasant, the city is not going to be too crowded and the prices of hotel rooms are going to cheaper. There are 10 Prince Islands to visit:

  • Sivriada,
  • Burgazada,
  • Büyükada,
  • Galatasaray islet,
  • Tavşan adası,
  • Kınalıada,
  • Sedef Island,
  • Heybeliada,
  • Kaşık Island,
  • Yassıada.

All of those names comes from the Byzantine period. After 19 th century, those islands got popular and people start to build their homes there. Usually Greek, Armenian and Jewish people live there. Today, it is a popular tourist destination.


Büyükada - Travel Guide
Büyükada – Travel Guide

Büyükada means Big Island in Turkish.  You can visit:

  • Franciscan Church,
  • Greek Orthodox Churches,
  • Hagios Demetrios,
  • San Pacifico Church of the Surp Astvdzadzin there.

There are cafes nearby You can drink wine, eat sausage and sandwiches. It is largest of Istanbul’s Princess Islands. It is also the most visited one. The island is also known as Prinkipos Island. You can get there by a ferry. It is oly located an hour far away from Marmara Sea.


Burgazada - Travel Guide
Burgazada – Travel Guide

Burgazada is the second largest island. There is a museum called Sait Faik Abasıyanık who is a famous Turkish writer. The island was a resident for Greeks around 20 th century. You can use horse carriage in the island. Also bicycles are avaliable. There are different rules for renting bicyles so do not forget to ask for it. You can take your pets with you to islands if you wish. Do not forget to bring a special bag for pet’s excrement.


Heybeliada - Travel Guide
Heybeliada – Travel Guide

Heybeliada is also called as saddlebag. It has 2.35 square kms. If you are looking for a less crowded island to visit, you can visit Heybeliada. It has pin forests and long beaches. There are no motor vehichles allowed in the island. You can use a bicycle though. Heybeliada is known for its famous hotels. If you plan to visit Heybeliada you can try Merit Halki Palace.


Sivriada - Travel Guide
Sivriada – Travel Guide

Sivriada is also called as Hayırsız ada. It means useless island in English. It is a very small island. You can see remainings from Byzantine times. The Greek name for Sivriada is Oxia. Sivriada is located about 2 kms away from Yassiada. Even though it has a small area, you should see the island.

Kaşık Island

Kaşık - Travel Guide
Kaşık – Travel Guide

Kaşık Island literally means spoon island in English. The island is shaped like a spoo. It is actually a private property of a Greek family. If you plan to have a visit there you should plan a tour before hand. The island remains uninhabitated. If you would like to visit islands in Istanbul you can use ferries operate from Kadikoy, Kartal and Bostanci. Most of the people from Istanbul have a summer house in islands. They visit their houses in summer time and also go there for a lovely weekend.

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