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Places to see in Trabzon are wondered by many tourists. Trabzon is a city on the Black Sea. You can reach the details from our article.

Places to see in Trabzon are wondered by many tourists. Trabzon is a city on the Black Sea. It has a historical importance since it is located on the famous trade route Silk Road. In ancient times, Trabzon sold woolen, linen and silk fabrics which can be seen even today. The name Trabzon is transferred to English as Trebizond. Before the city was founded, it was a home for Anatolian tribes. From mountain villages to churches there are a lot things you can discover there.

Sumela Manastırı

Sümela Monastery
Sümela Monastery

Sumela Manastırı is a wonderful natural landscape which is a must see. It was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It is 1,200 meters high. It is seen as one of the most important points in Trabzon. That is why it is a major tourist attraction of he city.

Trabzon Castle (Trabzon Kalesi)

Trabzon Castle
Trabzon Castle

Trabzon Castle (Trabzon Kalesi) is the series of defensive walls. It is also known as the Walls of Trabzon. The castle history goes back to Roman era. The walls contructed divides the city into 3 parts which are called:

  • The Upper Town (Yukarı Hisar),
  • The Middle Town (Orta Hisar),
  • The Lower Town (Aşağı Hisar).

In the 2nd Century, the walls were serving as a acropolis.

Trabzon Ayasofya Museum

Trabzon Ayasofya
Trabzon Ayasofya

Trabzon Ayasofya Museum was first a Greek Orthodox church. The church was built in 13 th century. It was later (in 1584) converted into  a mosque. It is located very close to the sea. Not it is not used as a mosque but a museum. It is seen as one of the best examples of the Byzantine Architecture. People call this mosque as ‘Turkey’s other Hagia Sophia’ because of it’s architectural importance. It is free to enter. It reflects the history of the Turkey very well.

Vazelon Monastrey (Vazelon Manastırı)

Trabzon vazelon
Trabzon  Vazelon

Vazelon Monastrey (Vazelon Manastırı) was built i 270 AD. Some historians state that, thanks to the income earned from this monastrey, people were able to build the Sumela Monastery. It was completely destroyed in 1922. But still you can see the monastrey ruins.

The Highlands

The Highlands are famous for their natural beauty. Especially Lapazan Highland is woth seeing. The other important highlands of the city are:

  • Haldizen Highland,
  • Şeker su Highland,
  • Garester Highland,
  • Şerah Village Highland.

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The Long Lake (Uzungöl)

Trabzon Uzungol
Trabzon Uzungol

The Long Lake (Uzungöl) is one of the main tourist attractions points in Trabzo. There are dense forest and trekking routes for sports lover.

The Bedesten

The Bedesten has a lot of bazaars if you would like tos hop. It is located just in the center of the city. It is known as being one of the oldest buildings. The bedesten was built by the mother of Yavuz Sultan Selim.


Boztepe is the right place if you would like to see the perfect view of the Black Sea. You can see Trabzon from bird’s view. You can get clean and fresh air and watch the beautiful sunset.

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