The List of Best Hotels in Antalya

If you would like stay in Antalya and don’t know where, take a look at the list down below for hotels to go in Antalya.

Best hotels to go in Antalya list is going to help you find out where to spend the night in the city. If you would like stay in Antalya and don’t know where, take a look at the list down below for hotels to go in Antalya.

Tuvana Hotel

Tuvana Hotel has beautiful bougaivillea gardens. You can enjoy the swimming pool there. There is breakfast, bars, popular restaurants and a pretty courtyard to see.

Hotel Patara

Hotel Patara is a rustic hotel. You can stay there as a couple or you can visit the hotel with your entire family. You will relax with hotel’s peaceful atmosphere. Hotel has one of the least crowded beach on Mediterranean’s sea. So if you would  like to have a calm holiday, try visiting Hotel Patara. Do not forget to check availability beforehand.

Olympos Lodge

Olympos Lodge is famous for its luxurious bungalows. Olmpos Lodge is run by a family who has been there for 30 years. You will feel the friendly atmosphere, smell the almost tropical weather and enjoy the luxury.

Villa il Castello

Villa il Castello is another option if you would like to spend the night in Antalya. You will see the gorgeous landscape and also enjoy swimming pool over the mountains.

Dogan Hotel

Dogan Hotel is designed in Ottoman style. It is located on the Turquise Coast. They have Professional staff, mid range comfort and clean rooms. You can stay at the hotel as a couple. It is suitable for all ages. Close to Dogan Hotel, there are many night life options. If you prefer you can take long walk on the beach at night time which is also very close to the hotel.

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Villa Perla Hotel

Villa Perla Hotel has great breakfast, Ottoman style designed building and friendly staff. You can see the heart of the city from hotel rooms. You can visit the hotel with your lover.

Mehtap Pension

Mehtap Pension are most suitable for young couples. You can see the gorgeous sea view. It is set on a step hillside. The pension is surrounded by beautiful fruit trees. If you are a nature lover, we are sure you will enjoy the garden of the pension. The price for one night is above the average price for a guest house. But we think the price worths it.

Olea Nova Hotel

Olea Nova Hotel is one of the most stylish hotels in the city. It is located on the Çukurbağ Peninsula (Kaş) which is also a worth seeing place in the city. You can Access to the beach with a short walk and enjoy the view of it from hotel rooms with your lover. The word Olea Nova means new olive in English. There are olive trees in the garden.  Olea Nova Hotel is on the list for honeymooners. Also if you are a couple to get away from the city and busy life it is one of the best hotels to go in Antalya!

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